Removing the carbon tax first

Published on October 17, 2019

As part of its 100 Day Action Plan, a new Conservative government will repeal Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax as its first piece of legislation. We will convene Parliament, at which time we will introduce and pass the Carbon Tax Repeal Act so Canadians aren’t stuck paying a carbon tax over another long, cold winter. Canadians cannot afford to be punished every time they drive their kids to school or turn up their thermostat on a cold winter day. That’s why a new Conservative government will make sure Trudeau’s carbon tax is history by January 1 and we will use every legislative tool at our disposal to get it done.

The Liberal carbon tax gouges the pockets of Canadians and unfairly punishes farmers and rural communities, all while doing nothing for the environment. Conservatives have a real plan for the environment. It's a plan about technology and innovation, not taxes. We will also ensure a cleaner natural environment and take the climate fight global. Find out more about it here.