Introducing EI adoption leave benefits

Published on October 10, 2019

A new Conservative government will make it easier for Canadian families to welcome a new child into their home by introducing EI adoption leave benefits for adoptive parents and boosting the Adoption Expense Tax Credit.

Any Canadian adopting a child under the age of 18 will be eligible for 15 weeks of adoption leave benefits. A new Conservative government will also boost the Adoption Expense Tax Credit to $20,000. Currently, the maximum tax savings a Canadian adoptive family is eligible to receive in 2020 is $2,482. Under a new Conservative government, that same family will receive $3,000, which is an increase of $518. On top of that, we will make the tax credit fully refundable, which means those who pay little to no federal income tax will be eligible for up to the maximum amount.

Adoption is one of the most selfless things a Canadian can do. At the same time, it can also involve significant investments of time and money. These measures will make it easier for Canadians to begin, expand, or complete their family through adoption