Standing up for Canadian Values

Published on October 01, 2019

A new Conservative government will deliver strong leadership on the world stage.

The pillars of a Conservative government's foreign policy will be:

  • Cutting 25% of foreign aid spending - The reduction will come from middle- and upper-income countries as well as hostile regimes. We will use the savings to pay for policies that help Canadians get ahead at home and also redirect $700 million to strengthen foreign aid in the countries that need it most. We will continue to work in partnership with leading Canadian aid organizations including volunteer-focused groups who provide much-needed assistance to developing countries;
  • Strengthening Canada’s commitment to traditional alliances and providing additional military and non-military support to Ukraine;
  • Advocating for human rights on the world stage by using Canada’s Magnitsky legislation to target hostile regimes like Iran;
  • And depoliticizing military procurement in order to properly and expediently supply the Canadian Armed Forces.